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Tbilisi is in list of must-visit cities

Tbilisi is in list of must-visit cities

The Telegraph compiled a list of European must-visit cities. The list includes Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. The list is accompanied with photos and comments of famous people.

For instance, British journalist Claire Allfree notes, that you can see both modern buildings as well as old houses with little shabby balconies. In the capital that is determinedly moving towards Europe, yet new hotels and shopping malls are springing up and gentrification is under way in its more historic districts.

Katie Melua, a British singer of Georgian origin, says the following about her childhood home: “It’s steeped in history – the Old Town, with its twisting alleys, is particularly fascinating. It’s a city that’s very much off the beaten track. Not many tourists have been there, which makes it all the more worth visiting."

The Telegraph included 21 cities into the list. Besides Tbilisi, there are Bergamo (Italy), Nantes (France), Braga (Portugal), Lubeck (Germany), Sion (Switzerland), Maribore (Slovenia) and many others.

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