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Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi is open!

Hotels & Preperens Hualing Tbilisi

On October 14, Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi celebrated its Grand Opening Event, held in frames of Silk Road Forum in Tbilisi. The ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by special guests: Governor of Xinjiang Province Uygur Autonomous Region of People’s Republic of China, Xuekerat Zakir, Vice Governor of Xinjiang Province, Ambassador of People’s Republic of China, CEO of Hotels & Preference, Mr. Phillip Wei and President of Hualing Group, Mr. Mi Enhua.

During the event the Prime Minister of Georgia, Mr. Irakli Garibashvili made a special speech, expressing his appreciation toward Hualing Group and the whole team of the Hotel, wishing them future success. The hotel was also honored to have special speakers, Mr. Xuekerat Zakir, Governor of Xinjiang Province and Founder and Managing Director of the Hotel chain “Hotels & Preference”, Mr. Cyril Vaussard.

The hotel’s huge lobby was crowded with all the important guests from China, France, Georgia and other countries. Among the invitees you could find the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Ambassadors of different countries, Georgian Politicians, Ministers, Celebrities and other important figures. The hotel’s iconic figure, a beautiful French lady, dressed in an elegant style was inviting guests to write their memorable feedback on a “Banner of Wishes”.

At the end, the hotel’s new executive chef, Mr. Franck Vallat and our talented pastry chef, Andrew Mifsud shared their masterful creation to the guests – the sweetest cake decorated with the hotel’s corporate colors and logo. Hotel’s General Manager, Mr. Petter Lillvik, Deputy General Manager, Miss Ma Ling and General Manager of Hualing’s hotels in Georgia, Mr. Scott Mi have jointly cut the cake, accompanied by the festive fireworks and celebrative music!

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